Non Gender Specific Everything Kit

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Let us be your everything…

Everything Kit provides EVERYTHING you need to begin the journey of getting healthy skin. With a $295 value, included inside is a full-size Phytonutrient Concentrate, Everything Cleanser, Everything Mask, Everything Cream and the new NGS Toiletry Bag.

Phytonutrient Concentrate: A luxurious face oil and a botanical armor for your skin. Formulated with 23 of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals to deliver nourishment, restoration & protection. Our formula’s small particle size allows the skin to quickly absorb our plant-derived actives, leaving the skin nourished without feeling heavy.
Everything Cleanser: A super-green & ultra-clean gel cleanser packed full of more than 20 natural ingredients to make a powerful yet gentle daily face wash. Formulated with Kelp, Tea Tree, Pine Bark and Lemon to effectively unclog pores, remove makeup, brighten skin and help prevent acne, all while delivering moisture and vital nutrients to the skin.
Everything Mask: A multi-functional clay mask that clears, restores & renews. Featuring a blend of Kaolin, Bentonite and Illite clay that gently & effectively unclog pores and helps to decrease breakouts. A powerful mix of potent botanicals, extracts & Apricot Seed Powder help to gently exfoliate, brighten skin, reduce dark spots and refine texture.
Everything Cream: A luxurious moisturizing face cream that works to deliver phytonutrients and hydration deep into the skin, thanks to 23 powerful botanicals. This formula works to nourish the skin with natural oils that absorb quickly and are never greasy, leaving skin feeling soft with the appearance of brighter skin, refined pores and reduced redness.
The Bag: With a structure made from 100% recycled kraft paper, this amazing material is surprisingly durable and washable! When it’s time for a change the NGS Toiletry Bag is also recyclable.